As I walked along the brick ballpark fence, my maroon jacket slung over my shoulder, fans leaned over with their arms extended. It was early in the season and the stadium buzzed with excitement. Turning a tinge of orange, the sun had just decided that it would, in fact, set.

Little droplets of saliva spewed out as he rattled off more nonsense into the microphone. Just a few inches from his face, I stared up at his vacant, wobbly, drunken black eyes as I pulled furious breaths of air up through my nostrils. …

Pressure is one of the toughest and yet most amazing parts of life as an athlete. The big, important situations can bring out both the best and worst of us. Learn how to handle it like a champion.

In American culture, we don’t really value strength of mind to the point where we put effort into training it. In stark contrast with Eastern European and Far Eastern sports and martial arts, American sports rarely stress mental training techniques that can make a huge impact on athlete’s success. …

The duffle bag made a long journey, ending in a Dominican orphanage.

It was a huge catchers’ gear bag, big enough to handle a bunch of bats, a full set of gear, jerseys, gloves, pants — all of it. On the end was the #8, proudly embroidered in white with…

Dan Blewett

I'm a former pro pitcher passing on lessons from my baseball career. On social @coachdanblewett and at or

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